Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Development Guidelines and Coding Standards

ABAP Coding Commandments

Do we need coding commandments or is it every customer for themselves?

Go get yourself a drink, get cozy, and enjoy this long but great podcast on some very timely topics. Hosts Ed and Thomas, join in with guest host and fellow Enterprise Geek, Rich Heilman, to discuss SAP TechEd, Singularity, and an in depth talk on development guidelines and coding standards.

If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here. Enjoy!

Running Time: 77 minutes

Talking Points

  1. 00:15 – Random Chit Chat
  2. 09:25Ray Kurzweil and Vishal Sikka: “The Accelerating Pace of Change”
    • How will Singularity affect us personally?
    • Does it relate to Enterprise software?
    • Educational entertainment and keynote speakers
  3. 25:00 – Development Guidelines & Coding Standards
  4. 61:16 – Wrap up
    • Rich loves the scary People of Walmart
    • Thomas throws away Firefox for Chrome
    • Phoenix Demo Jam contestants have been notified and my fellow CP eGhead Brian Dennett made the cut
    • Get your Enterprise Geeks gear for TechEd now in the eGeeks Swag Store

UI Simplicity at its best

3 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Development Guidelines and Coding Standards”

  1. Terry West says :

    Great episode again guys! Especially, the discussion around standards. My OCD starts kicking in when we start talking standards. 😉 I’m with Thomas on Chrome – I went from Avent browser, years ago, to firefox, then to Chrome (early adopter) and never looked back. For the POW, I’m just waiting to see one of those powered carts with spinners to send in my pic. And Ed, I’d go for some of that toothpaste with the ABAP tips and tricks. 😀

  2. Brian Dennett says :

    Good discussion about standards, I’m glad to hear theres work being done to fill that void. And thanks for the shout out and the support! You can bet I’ll be all swagged out for DemoJam.

  3. Horst says :

    Thanks for promoting the “Official ABAP Programming Guidelines” via Podcast. Hope that it will meet your expectations, but I’m fairly optimistic …

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