Annual TechEd Thursday Night Dinner

Hey eGheads.  For those of you who hang with us at SAP TechEd, you may know that we like to do a nice dinner together on Thursday night before the evening event.  For the past couple years, having TechEd in Vegas made it easy to find very good all-you-can-eat buffets in very close proximity, and most everyone stayed in one hotel as well, which made it easy to meet up.  Now this year, it is a bit of a challenge, since conference hotels are so spread out, and from what I’ve been told, there are not really any good all-you-can-eat buffets worth the time/money.  I reached out to a fellow SAP Mentor Harald Reiter, who happens to live in Scottsdale, which is a suburb of Phoenix, and he suggested a nice Brazilian style steakhouse, called Fogo De Chao.   I went to a place like this in Atlanta a few years back with Tom, and it was really good.  Basically, you pay a flat rate, and they bring huge skewers of meat to your table, and they slice some off for you.  Every few minutes, they come around with a different kind of meat, all kinds of beef, chicken, and I believe pork as well.  It’s a real meat fest for all you carnivores out there. The dinner will probably run you just over $50 with tip.  So to all the eGheads out there, who will be in Phoenix for TechEd, come join us for dinner on Thursday, October 15th.  Check out the Fogo De Chao web site for directions.  If you definitely plan to join us, either comment here, or DM me, so I can get an accurate count, and make reservations if required.  We are hoping to squeeze this in before the Train concert, but have not yet set an exact time to meet at the restaurant.  So monitor our tweets on that day for more details.  Check the About page for our twitter ids, if you are not following one/all of us already.  See you all at TechEd 09.

12 responses to “Annual TechEd Thursday Night Dinner”

  1. says :


    Of course you guys can count on me -:) Last year was great…so I can’t miss it this year…we have something like that here on Peru, it’s called Rodizio…all the meat and salad you can eat -:)



  2. Thomas says :

    Not sure when my hands-on is finished but if you do not go to early count me in for sure!


  3. Brian Dennett says :

    Carnivorous feasting with my fellow eGheads? You know you can count me in for this. See you guys there.

  4. Tony de Thomasis says :

    Rich, you can expect a couple of Aussie guys join you for a Picanha and several Caipirinha’s. Please count myself and Matt Harding in.

    Felicidades, Tony.

  5. Juergen Schmerder says :

    count me in. Glad I went back from vegetarian to “vegetarian who likes some beef once in a while” πŸ˜‰

    cheers, Juergen

  6. Graham Robbo says :

    Count me in.

    Graham Robbo

  7. Leonardo De Araujo says :

    Do you guys think I could miss that?!?!?!!?!?!

    Of course not!

    I am 200% in!!!

    Not only we’ll get all the eggheads in the same table but eating my food man. This food comes from my home town in Brazil.

    BRING THE MEAT!!!!!!!

    See you all there!


  8. Alexandre Giguere says :

    I will be there, thanks!

    see you in phoenix,


  9. Brian Monroe says :

    I will be there for this awesome event.



  10. Aaron Morden says :

    I’m get hungry just thinking about it. Count me in!


  11. Matthias Zeller says :

    I am in! Looking forward to it.

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