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ABAP Freak Show – Sept 24th – TechEd Preview

TechEd is quickly approaching and I thought I would use this episode of the ABAP Freak Show to preview some of the Web Dynpro ABAP related sessions that will presented at TechEd. I preview the following sessions in this video:

You can download a high resolution version MP4 version of the video here:

You can download an iPod/iPhone version of the video here:


The SAP Developer’s Guide to PHP Originally uploaded by Craig Cmehil.

The book is old however it still pertains to the topic and based on the fact that I’ve received more comments (last one this morning) to the original thread and the reposted one than anything else I thought it might be best to remind everyone there’s a book available to help you as well.

In addition to the book you can find a ton of resources over on the SAP Developer Network in the PHP forum and the Scripting Languages wiki.

If you still need help be sure to hollar!

To order just go check the website, SAP PRESS or Amazon.

RIA Hacker Night – Code Camp

In the following “SDN Land of the ÜberGeek” episode Craig Cmehil speaks with Adobe about the upcoming RIA Hacker Night at the SAP TechEd 2009 events in Phoenix, Vienna and Bangalore and the brand new edition to the evening event the – “Code Camp”.

Talking Points:

  • Meet Mathias from Adobe 00:45
  • Flash Platform 01:25
  • SAP and Adobe 01:50
  • Flash Platform at RIA Hacker Night 02:15
  • Duane from Adobe 02:50
  • Code Camp, coding real time! – 03:05
  • Previous Events 04:00
  • Where do I start? 04:50
  • This is where to start! 05:05
  • Thinking back to starting with Flex 06:07
  • Code samples – exclusive at the event 🙂 06:56
  • Exclusives at the event 08:25
  • Mac or PC? 09:40
  • Flash Builder 4 vs. Flex Builder 11:14
  • Flash Builder replaces Flex Builder 11:35
  • Recap Mac, PC and Flash Builder 12:30

Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Code Reviews

Are code reviews must haves or just time wasters?

Are code reviews must haves or just time wasters?

Continuing the theme on coding standards, guidelines, and best practices, hosts Ed & Thomas break down the topic of code reviews. What is it, who needs them, and should you implement it in your development process? Find out the answers along with other entertaining topics in this great episode.

If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here. Enjoy!

Running Time: 72 minutes

Talking Points

  1. 00:15 – Random Chit Chat
    • Thomas on Garage Sales
    • Working from home and feeling like a shut in
    • Code Vampire Monkeys and Code Zombies
    • Do you BBS?
  2. 09:45 – More Teched Preparation
  3. 27:35 – Main Topic – Code Reviews in your development shop
    • What is a code review and do we need them?
    • The benefits of peer and architecture reviews
    • Being practical and pragmatic in your process
    • How do technology and development companies do reviews
    • Standards and best practices
  4. 57:09 – Tweets of the Week
    • @ccmehil – finally listening to enterprise geeks is it me or does @ewH sound more southern lately?
    • @skeohan – @ewH Congrats to you AND your wife. I assume there will be much bling distributed this evening.
    • @dhague – @chiprodgers Probably best if you don’t attend – better if you don’t know how the sausages are made
    • @monkchips – words guaranteed to turn me off: “please retweet”. utterly shite unless you’re going against a sicilian and death is on the line.
    • @qmacro – @se38 “The nice thing about standards is that you have so many to choose from” (Tannenbaum)
    • @thorstenster – Reading about “flowbee” This is meant seriously. LMAO.
    • @blag – Finally dream with TechEd…and ninjas…was a nice dream…many Mentors in there…I know I’m nuts but who cares -;)
    • @blag – @jspath55 Sadly no -:( And I don’t remember the most of it…but maybe we can’t recreate it on Phoenix -;) Going to need a couple of ninjas


Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Development Guidelines and Coding Standards

ABAP Coding Commandments

Do we need coding commandments or is it every customer for themselves?

Go get yourself a drink, get cozy, and enjoy this long but great podcast on some very timely topics. Hosts Ed and Thomas, join in with guest host and fellow Enterprise Geek, Rich Heilman, to discuss SAP TechEd, Singularity, and an in depth talk on development guidelines and coding standards.

If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here. Enjoy!

Running Time: 77 minutes

Talking Points

  1. 00:15 – Random Chit Chat
  2. 09:25Ray Kurzweil and Vishal Sikka: “The Accelerating Pace of Change”
    • How will Singularity affect us personally?
    • Does it relate to Enterprise software?
    • Educational entertainment and keynote speakers
  3. 25:00 – Development Guidelines & Coding Standards
  4. 61:16 – Wrap up
    • Rich loves the scary People of Walmart
    • Thomas throws away Firefox for Chrome
    • Phoenix Demo Jam contestants have been notified and my fellow CP eGhead Brian Dennett made the cut
    • Get your Enterprise Geeks gear for TechEd now in the eGeeks Swag Store

UI Simplicity at its best

Unveiling the new Female eGhead Logo

Everyone knows that the Enterprise Geeks love all the eGheads regardless of race, creed, or gender. And now by popular demand, we bring to you the new female eGhead logo. Now all of our eGheadettes can sport their own Enterprise Geekiness with pride. Be sure to check out the swag page for icons and wallpapers.

Enterprise Geeks Female Edition

As with the original logo, all design work was done by my cousin, Seth D. Jones. He is still a starving artist, so if you are interested in hiring him for freelance work before he gets too famous, let me know and I will be happy to connect you. His other work includes the Friday Morning Report artwork.

Annual TechEd Thursday Night Dinner

Hey eGheads.  For those of you who hang with us at SAP TechEd, you may know that we like to do a nice dinner together on Thursday night before the evening event.  For the past couple years, having TechEd in Vegas made it easy to find very good all-you-can-eat buffets in very close proximity, and most everyone stayed in one hotel as well, which made it easy to meet up.  Now this year, it is a bit of a challenge, since conference hotels are so spread out, and from what I’ve been told, there are not really any good all-you-can-eat buffets worth the time/money.  I reached out to a fellow SAP Mentor Harald Reiter, who happens to live in Scottsdale, which is a suburb of Phoenix, and he suggested a nice Brazilian style steakhouse, called Fogo De Chao.   I went to a place like this in Atlanta a few years back with Tom, and it was really good.  Basically, you pay a flat rate, and they bring huge skewers of meat to your table, and they slice some off for you.  Every few minutes, they come around with a different kind of meat, all kinds of beef, chicken, and I believe pork as well.  It’s a real meat fest for all you carnivores out there. The dinner will probably run you just over $50 with tip.  So to all the eGheads out there, who will be in Phoenix for TechEd, come join us for dinner on Thursday, October 15th.  Check out the Fogo De Chao web site for directions.  If you definitely plan to join us, either comment here, or DM me, so I can get an accurate count, and make reservations if required.  We are hoping to squeeze this in before the Train concert, but have not yet set an exact time to meet at the restaurant.  So monitor our tweets on that day for more details.  Check the About page for our twitter ids, if you are not following one/all of us already.  See you all at TechEd 09.