Enterprise Geeks Podcast – SAP TechEd: Christmas for eGheads

Why all the cool kids will be at SAP TechEd this year

Why all the cool kids will be at SAP TechEd this year

Join in on this episode as we chat about SAP TechEd, the Christmas event for all the Enterprise Geeks out there. We also are super pumped about this year’s RIA Hacker Night, where the Enterprise Geeks is an official sponsor. Don’t miss it! Special thanks to Mark Finnern’s daughter, Nina, for the great intro promo spot.

If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here. Enjoy!

Running Time: 60 minutes

Talking Points

  1. 00:15 – Ed is back
  2. 03:15 – SAP TechEd
  3. 19:55Hacker Night
    • The origins
    • Some inspirations that make a difference
    • Sneak preview from Thomas
    • Throwing down the gauntlet to the Hacker Night attendees
  4. 30:43 – Come join us in the expert lounge for daily Tech Discussions and live podcast recordings
  5. 35:31 – Check out the new podcast ERP Lounge with Jon Reed
  6. 37:08 – Calling on the eGheads for ideas for conference swag & goodies
  7. 38:34 – Continuing on the Remote Worker topic
  8. 46:00 – Do you really own your online data? How should you back it up?
  9. 51:08 – Wrap Up

9 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – SAP TechEd: Christmas for eGheads”

  1. dan mcweeney says :

    Difference between On-premise and cloud regarding companies folding: in the cloud the service and data goes away, you have zero support maybe you get your data back, in god knows what format. If you are on premise at least you still have the software you bought support becomes tricky but other companies can and will fill the void. At least you can keep running with the current version.

  2. Jon Reed says :

    Guys, good stuff as always and thanks for the shoutout for the ERP Lounge series. We plan to do another taping session soon, honing in on Business Suite skills demand (CRM, PLM, SRM, SCM). After that I hope to do one on the SAP tech skills in demand so that should be a fun one! Hopefully we can do something fun along those lines during our TechEd sessions.

    By the way, I’ve been plugging away on some TechEd podcasts and articles from the BPX direction…basically looking at why I think SAP TechEd is very relevant to functional SAP types as well as eGheads. I posted an article on my home page on this, which also looks at how to make a business case for SAP TechEd with your employer and (hopefully) get that green light to attend.

    You might enjoy this paragraph from the last section of the article: “In many cases, it’s the “geekier” sessions at TechEd that can provide the most business value. In addition to the many TechEd classes geared specifically to the BPXer, TechEd offers plenty of deeper technical “dives” that may get you a little wet, but will help you to understand your enterprise problems in new ways. Take it from me – you’ll leave TechEd with some fancy new technical lingo (that you actually understand), some dandy exhibition hall souvenirs, and a stronger BPX network than you had before. If you end up going, look for me in the Community Clubhouse, where I will likely be picking the brains of the Enterprise Geeks and other SAP Mentors, whose technical knowledge helps me do my job better, day in, day out. “

  3. Mark Finnern says :

    Hi Thomas and Ed,

    I love the conversational relaxed style that you are having with you podcasts.

    I got asked, and have to point out, the baby in the Christmas picture is very cute, but not Nina.

    Nina was looking like this the week the intro was taped: http://www.flickr.com/photos/finnern/3860062462/

    Keep up the good work, Mark.

  4. KK Ramamoorthy says :

    Ed, good to have you back.
    Regarding risks on losing service in a cloud, on a lighter side, recently I was involved in a proposal for a client who wanted to know if SAP’s kernel source code is placed in some sort of an escrow so that they can have their hand on it if SAP, as company, closes shop or discontinues the product. I have never thought about this before but funny that was highlighted as a requirement.

  5. Terry West says :

    Great show as always guys! Fellow MS eGhead here! Hope you enjoy it down here Ed!

  6. Ed Herrmann says :

    @terry Awesome, I found an eGhead in Mississippi! I guess we will have to coordinate a down south tech tour next year. πŸ™‚

  7. Terry West says :

    Sounds like a plan. It’s not Vegas, but it’s all we’ve got… πŸ˜‰

  8. Ed Herrmann says :

    @terry – it may not be vegas, but if we do it down here in Biloxi, we have plenty of casinos. Once you are inside, you wouldn’t even be able to tell the difference. Its like a Little South Vegas down here

  9. Terry West says :

    Oh yeah, I’ve been down there before. Matter of fact, me and a couple of guys I used to work with had one of our ex-consultant reunions down there (pre-Katrina). It was very nice.

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