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ABAP Freak Show – July 1st – ABAP OO Tutorial Part 1

This week we begin a 5 part series based upon a frequent request – to look at basic ABAP Object Oriented concepts. Throughout this series we will look at OO terminology, development tools, and design patterns that span a variety of ABAP release levels. We will try to keep the discussion away from all the new cutting edge syntax so that it is still quite usable for those of you on older releases like 4.6C or 6.20.

For the 5 part series we will start with Part 1 looking at tooling (the ABAP Class Builder) and some basic terminology. In Part 2 we will expand the lesson by looking at static vs. instance, visibility, exception classes, inheritance, polymorphism and abstract classes. In part 3 we will see how a special type of class, called a persistent object, can be used for Object Oriented access to the database. In part 4 we will explore Object Oriented concepts in User Interface technologies. Keeping with the theme of older release levels, we will focus this part on using Model View Controller and OO eventing within Classic Dynpro applications. Finally in part 5 we will look at real world, complex example that uses all the techniques and technologies from the previous parts.

You can also download all the source code from all 5 tutorials. Just be sure to look at the ReadMe.pdf file for important tips on installing the source code.

You can download a high resolution version MP4 version of the video here:

You can download an iPod/iPhone version of the video here: