ABAP Freak Show – July 22nd – ABAP OO Tutorial Part 4

This is part 4 of the 5 part series on ABAP OO. In this part, we look at the special use case of Object Oriented technology and design techniques as they are applied to User Interface creation. Throughout all the ABAP UI technologies we study how MVC (Model View Controller) design can be applied. We look briefly at BSP and Web Dynpro ABAP and OO effects the overall design as well as specific features like UI element rendering and eventing. We close with an example of how you can adapt even Classic Dynpro and its PBO/PAI processing looks to a more Object Oriented MVC flow.

You can also download all the source code from all 5 tutorials. Just be sure to look at the ReadMe.pdf file for important tips on installing the source code.

You can download a high resolution version MP4 version of the video here:

You can download an iPod/iPhone version of the video here:

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