Enterprise Geeks Podcast – ABAP OO Is Your Friend

Object Oriented Programming - Back to the Basics

Object Oriented Programming – Back to the Basics

The recent episodes of the ABAP Freak Show have stirred up the age old questions of why, when, and how Object Oriented design principles be used in the SAP / ABAP world. Join the eGeeks in this episode as they answer all your burning OO questions. Episode photo from Flickr by dacotahsgirl

If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here. Enjoy!

Running Time: 49 minutes

Talking Points

  1. 01:25Cricket Anyone?
  2. 06:50 – Google Chrome OS – FTW or WTF?
  3. 20:13Object Oriented Programming – WHY?
  4. 48:14 – Wrap up

7 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – ABAP OO Is Your Friend”

  1. dan mcweeney says :

    Funny how the master data management tool for BI we built permeated into your new MDM global tool.

    Convention over Configuration, there is a topic that would be interesting to talk about. The concept almost doesn’t exist inside the enterprise space, although it’s most powerful there due to naming standards and data cleansing over the years.

  2. Thomas Ritter says :

    Nice episode!

    A design pattern discussion at TechEd sounds like a good idea. We could even film it for sdn.

    Would like to know more about how you applied the “convention over configuration” pattern. I tried to push it in my current project but it is really hard to convince people that it is a good idea. Especially the length restrictions for ABAP development objects make it harder to apply it than lets say in Ruby.

  3. Leonardo De Araujo says :

    Hey guys!

    Thanks again for the podcast. Great info as always.

    Just a couple of points from the podcast:
    The book “Design Patterns in ABAP OO”; I have it and I’ve read it. It is nice but is very conceptual and very high level. As a developer, reading it and trying to figure out the best way to design my business classes, It didn’t address many of my questions.

    About trying to come up with a set of guidelines/standards during the SAPTechEd, sure, I am in for it, but let me clarify that I have already put together a list of Best practices, based on different projects we worked on in the past. I think that will be a very good “starting point” for our discussions.
    In fact, these Best Practices in development of Business classes (the example about Sales orders) is the subject of my SAPTechEd Session. I will be presenting it with our friend Alexandre Giguere.

    Here is what we’ll address:
    – Simple standards
    – naming convention for classes methods and
    – instantiation;
    – visibility;
    – More advanced stuff
    – xception classes (using message classes);
    – inheritance;
    – DB access (optional abstraction);
    – Different implementation options (OO implementation level).

    BUT I need your opinion guys: I am almost ready for the first part of my BLOG series, the one that emphasize the importance of putting together these global Business classes. It will be great to have it cross posted. I will get back to you on it later.

    My question is about the other BLOGs that will be the details of each part of my presentation.SH
    1 – Am I even allowed to post this content BEFORE SAPTechEd?
    2 – Should I? Do you think it would jeopardize the audience? I would like to have the largest audience possible, but I am not sure if posting on SCN before would really have a negative impact. Reality is: I would give away most of the session during the Blogs…

    Your opinions please.

    BY THE WAY I am in for Cricket!!!

    Leonardo De Araujo

  4. Aussie eGhead says :

    You guys need to get down to Australia sometime so we can show you what cricket is all about, no shortage of cricket bats here!

    Keep up the goodness guys!

  5. Jon Reed says :

    Guys, I have really enjoyed these last two “deep dives” or somewhat deep dives into ABAP OO and Portals development respectively. I like the discussion of trending news stories, but the deeper stuff has the most value to me in terms of a better understanding of SAP development. No, I didn’t understand all of it, but I definitely geeked out to my benefit.

    I think it would also be interesting to have a show on BW-based development, and even how some of that may be transitioning to Java-based with the SAP BO platform and BO product line and back end.

    nice work!

    – Jon

  6. KK Ramamoorthy says :

    Ed & Tom
    Thanks for a great episode again. Good discussions on Google Chrome. I use all the 3 OSs and got to say, Mac has one advantage over the others, is that apple produces their own hardware (ofcourse a disadvantage on price) and hence better control on tuning up the system. Wonder how Chrome is going to play this. How may hardware vendors are going to support it and how well they can control?
    Got hooked up to cricket? Could be quiet addictive. On the lighter side though, Bernard Shaw said, “11 fools playing and 11,000 fools watching it” about cricket 🙂
    Oh, off late, I have started putting up links to this site in our internal training sessions. Watch out for some additional traffic and keep up the good work.

  7. SAP Training says :

    Thanks for a great episode. Excellent explanation…and do post more articles like this.


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