Enterprise Geeks Podcast – I Did It All For The Wookey

Wookey and SAP - SaaS or Pass?

Wookey and SAP – SaaS or Pass?

After a two week break, the guys are back to cover some of the latest news in the SAP world and SCN, as well as chit chat on other overall fun, geeky topics.

If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here. Enjoy!

Running Time: 44 minutes

Talking Points

  1. 00:15 – Random Chit Chat
  2. 03:28 – Don’t miss SAP TechEd 2009 where all the cool geeks will be
  3. 10:34John Wookey on SAP’s SaaS strategy
  4. 14:50Jive Signs Agreement with SAP to Deliver Social Business Intelligence for the Enterprise
  5. 20:51 – SAP Community Network news
  6. 33:29 – Wrap up

4 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – I Did It All For The Wookey”

  1. Matt Harding says :

    Great to have you guys back on-line after your short “break”. It may be Summer where you are, but it’s Winter in Australia and we need you guys to keep us company on those cold and dark nights while we huddle up next to our heaters.

    On a more serious note, in regards to the Wiki on SCN/SDN a rating system is a great idea, but I’ve still not found a way to view the wiki in the same way as the blog section. For example, I love how following sapnetwork on twitter advertises all of the blogs to me, so I can check out what interests me, but even prior to Twitter, I could always go in and check out the blogs every few days or so and know I haven’t missed anything.

    WIth the Wiki, there’s a lot of great stuff, but unless someone blogs about it, I won’t know about it until I happen to be searching for it (I tried using the timeline view, but that publishes every possible change and is unusable).

    Thinking about ways to solve this problem, what would be a great feature is for the Wiki to have a flag that you could set when publishing a new page that advertises your page to sapnetwork on Twitter, or even just to a page similar to the Blog page where you could view new content, rather than new and modified content. What this also implies though is that SAP would now require that the content be approved to be advertised just like blogs.

    Thomas – Not sure if you want to suggest somethign like this to the SCN team, but if you’re directing people to create Wiki’s over Blogs, we need to recognise their contribution to Wiki by making sure people get to see it in a timely manner. From what I can tell, many SAP bloggers, put something on the Wiki and then blog about it anyway to advertise it.

    BTW – Really glad to hear your doing the OO courses for the masses too. Teaching OO to procedural programmers is difficult to say the least, but using sflight for the data model will hopefully get them over the line and into 4.6C and beyond.


  2. Shipaxo says :

    Hey guys,
    It’s good to hear you back again for yet another excellent podcast.
    I’m really looking forward to the ABAP Objects series. Thank you Thomas for taking the time to prepare for such a thing. I think this will be a nice foundation that people will be coming back for to all the time.

  3. Jon Reed says :

    Heya guys!

    Good to have you back in action so I can paste up your comment board as usual.

    A couple plugs where I plugged you: Thanks to Thomas for quotage on the “SAP’s Java Direction” blog I put up this week on feedingthesapecosystem.com. Also you may find my new podcast on the JonERP.com home page interesting, which focuses on: “Making a BPX Business Case for TechEd.” Ed, be sure to point your colleague to this one, I think she’ll find it interesting. Teaser: are plugs and mentions of you guys both in the blog and the podcast.

    Also, on the subject of working virtually, I think that’s always a great topic to talk about. I’m sure listeners would be interested in your “rigs” that you have set up to work effectively from home. I’ve been working virtually since 2000 and there are definitely challenges in terms of workstyle and technology, though it’s much much better in the broadband era. But accessing SAP systems remotely and the kind of stuff you guys are surely involved in would make for even more interesting podcast fodder. Ed, good luck with the move if I don’t talk to you before!


  4. Ed Herrmann says :

    @matt – you bring up some excellent points on promotion of wiki pages vs. blogs. There would definitely need to be some mechanism for announcing relevant new wiki content to make people aware. I think you should take these suggestions to the guys on SCN.

    @jon – Thanks for the plugs. Also, congrats on the new book; I just purchased the Kindle version from Amazon! http://tr.im/ro2B

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