Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Catch The Google Wave

Are we ready to catch the Google Wave?

Are we ready to catch the Google Wave?

Join us in the fun episode where the guys step outside of the SAP world and talk about the future of communication & collaboration with tools like Google Wave and the future of human-computer interaction with technologies like Project Natal.

If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here. Enjoy!

Running Time: 64 minutes

Talking Points

  1. 00:20 – Random Chit Chat
  2. 05:51SAP Increases Participation in Eclipse
  3. 09:57SAP Could Spend EU5B on Acquisitions
  4. 14:15 – Can Google Wave be a game changer in personal and business communications?
  5. 38:12 – What’s the big deal with Microsoft Bing?
  6. 44:33 – Could game companies pave the way for the future of human-computer interaction with technologies like Project Natal
  7. 58:42 – Just say no to spymaster and other forms of twitter spam!

6 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Catch The Google Wave”

  1. Thomas Jung says :

    I heart Spymaster (the Unicode symbol for the heart gets stripped out – which makes me think you planned that Ed). Do I count as one of the comments?

  2. Thomas Jung says :

    I have a theory as to why we haven’t gotten any other comments supporting Spymaster. Its because everyone who is playing it has such a fouled up Twitter timeline now that they completely missed any notification that the podcast went live. šŸ™‚

    I still think the game is a fun distraction. When we recorded the podcast I had been playing for just one day. Now a couple of days later, my Twitter timeline has become a complete disaster with all the damn Spymaster updates. Not to mention that I’ve had over 100 new follower requests yesterday alone. Not a bad way to collect followers if you are just looking for numbers; but I’ve always been the type to cultivate my Twitter groups to be of a few topics, not just random people.

    I think the idea of social networking based games can be fun, but for one Twitter just isn’t designed for this sort of thing. I can’t filter out the noise or easily group my followers into different categories – therefore the crap from Spymaster clouds up my “real” conversations. Of course you could create a separate Spymaster twitter account to just play the game and that is what I wish I had done from the beginning.

  3. Ed Herrmann says :

    @thomas – after your last comment, is it safe to assume that you don’t heart spymaster anymore? šŸ™‚

  4. Thomas Jung says :

    I still think the game is fun, but the tie to Twitter – which is why it spread like wildfire – will also be the death of it. Twitter just isn’t designed for this. So even people like myself who are enjoying the game have to choose to give it up or to give up on Twitter as anything other than a tool to play the game.

  5. Simon Kemp says :

    Great Podcast. Really enjoyed Ed’s summary of Google Wave and your thoughts about how something like that could work inside the enterprise. Honestly I think you have to be impressed by the innovation that comes out of Google – I don’t like to think I am “drinking the Kool-Aid” either but it is impressive stuff. Also as someone who lives in Sydney I was happy to hear that Wave was developed “Downunder” (how do I get involved in something that interesting?!).

    Anyway thanks for the show and keep up the good work guys.


  6. Jon Reed says :

    Good stuff guys.

    I’ve got the SAP Mentors “We have balls” @jonerp special edition on my desktop now…the eGeeks edition is nifty too, just got a look at that.

    Anyhow I had to break down my RSS reader and start again and that’s why you haven’t seen me on the eGeeks comment page for a while, but look out, I’m back.

    I enjoyed the Google Wave talk. I’ve been dreaming about an “email killing” app for a long time. I’m definitely psyched at the degree that Twitter and wiki type options have reduced my email burden, if Google can crack that nut even further for me imagine what it might do for the enterprise. On the other hand, I am kind of a luddite in that I’m still running Eudora for email and like reading my email offline, I get irritated with my online email accounts so I wonder if this irritation would carry over to the Wave.

    At any rate the time seems right to get rid of even more of these “reply to all” threads, especially when it comes to formulating business strategies or managing projects.

    As for SAP acquisitions, time will tell. Curious to hear if you guys can think of any technical areas within SAP that might be bolstered by a strategic acquisition.

    – Jon

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