Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Sapphire 2009 Day 2

The eGeeks listening to the Hasso Plattner keynote at Sapphire 2009

The eGeeks listening to the Hasso Plattner keynote at Sapphire 2009

Once again, out of the gang’s pure eGhead dedication, we bring you another end of day Sapphire wrap up podcast edition. From the pre-concert party and then back on the bus, the guys talk about the days events, including Hasso’s keynote, blogger and mentor meetings, and even a good segment on what it’s like working a showroom floor pod. And just for good measure, there is also a special guest appearance by Jeff Word from SAP.

If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here. Enjoy!

Running Time: 29 minutes

One response to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Sapphire 2009 Day 2”

  1. Leonardo De Araujo says :

    Good job guys!
    Thanks for keeping us up with what happened at SAPTechEd.
    As you said, yes, we need travel time to catch up on the podcasts, that is why I only got to it now. 😉

    First, congratulations on your Polestar award!

    Second, when you mentioned the importance of building modular objects in ABAP to eventually leverage the use of webservices, I could not agree more. In fact, I strongly believe that customers should get the work started in getting a common repository of Business classes. These, written in OO Abap would promote many things:
    1 – Reduction of dev cost by reuse;
    2 – Reduction of dev cost on support;
    3 – Reduction of dev cost on requirement gathering (communication between functionals and techies);
    4 – Leverage internal resources to get them to use OO ABAP (agreed when you said that the vast majority of the people still code old style ABAP).
    That is why believe that a session on that is a very valuable one and I decided to present again a session on it ( I co-presented it last year at SAPTechEd Vegas SCN day, but I gotta tell you that it was hard to compete with your dev track… not many showed up). It will be on Inside Track Palo Alto on Friday AND (hopefully!!!) on SAPTechEd ( I just submitted a session proposal).
    The session will present the a set of standards on OO ABAP dev gathered in the community from different members.

    I really hope you are making to the event this week.

    Leonardo De Araujo

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