Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Technical Difficulties

Are SAP Tech Tours having difficulties staying technical?

Are SAP Tech Tours having difficulties staying technical?

Due to technical difficulties, the original recorded podcast for this week with special guest Ryan Stewart will not be aired. However out of pure love and loyalty to the eGheads, Ed and Thomas still pulled together on a Saturday afternoon to record a great adhoc episode with some interesting topics. Listen in to hear about upcoming SAP Sapphire and Tech Tour events as well as thoughts on roles in the enterprise.

If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here. Enjoy!

Running Time: 44 minutes

Talking Points

  1. 00:15 – Random Chit Chat
    • Why ewH has failed you
    • Good news is that Ryan Stewart has agreed to come back on
  2. 05:05 – Check out the special interview with one of our favorite eGheads Blag
  3. 07:00 – Join the eGeeks at Sapphire
  4. 11:00 – Will the SAP Tech Tour be successful?
  5. 17:35 – Thomas is still looking for feedback for ABAP sessions at SAP TechEd 2009
  6. 22:05 – SAP Agile Development Bootcamp
  7. 25:40SAP Netweaver magazine discussion
  8. 37:00 – Closing Thoughts

9 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Technical Difficulties”

  1. Brian Dennett says :

    At long last I feel like my career has reached its peak, I’ve been immortalized as the dramatic chipmunk of eGeeks…

  2. Aaron says :

    As always, your Podcast rocks. I know you guys love talking about your Bawls and I wanted to suggest an energy drink that I have recently fallen in love with, Xyience Xenergy (Mango Guava). Give it shot, I think you’ll like it!

    As far as sessions for TechEd, an Advance ABAP Web Dynpro class would be great. My only concern would be that even though you say it is for experienced WD developers, people would still register for it and take up time asking beginner questions. Maybe you should require people to take a test before entering!

    Another idea for a session would be to go over some of the stuff in the “Next Generation ABAP Development” book. Maybe pick out some of your favorite topics for a hands on session.

    • Thomas Jung says :

      Thanks for the TechEd suggestions. As far as a session like the Next Generation ABAP book; we actually do have one already. It is the Update Your ABAP Development Skills to NetWeaver 7.0 session. The idea is similar to the book; we cover delta topics but in a connected workshop example. We start at the persistence layer, work up to service enablement and finally add a user interface.

      I’ve given it the past two years at TechEd and hope to do so again this year. Each year I update the content with as much new material as I can. Last year I updated the workshop to show off new NetWeaver 7.01 features like SOAMANAGER (I know technically it was there in 7.0 SP14) and FlashIslands. This year I plan to update the workshop to 7.02. I’ve even played with the idea of making it just a 7.0 7.02 delta consider how much is new in just the Enhancement Packages.

  3. me.yahoo.com/a/abI0B_Anu… says :

    @Ed and @Thomas:

    Well…I like Tech Tour…I attended Tech Tour Lima 2005 and was very cool and helpful, however…It’s not match for other SAP events…No the same level of integration between peers, sessions are not too geek…but anyway…

    What session would I like to attend at TechEd 09? I don’t know…Everything @Thomas do works for me…Even if he comes out with a “Drill down report in ABAP” I would attend and learn a lot -:) Maybe more Flash Islands…Or new ABAP capabilities…Having @Ed talking to himself while coding would be nice too…

    @Ed I got a little challenge for you…If you win, you get a nice gift…So what is this challenge all about? I’m going to give you something at Phoenix…If you actually spell it correctly…you won…otherwise I would challenge other folks…Don’t have a clue? It’s something you requested on one of EGeeks podcasts….If you know what it is…You better start practicing right now -:)

    P.S: No…It’s not a Tesla…



  4. Matt Harding says :

    On Ed’s comment about Enterprise Architects and SAP Solution Architects; from my perspective, I’ve been an Enterprise Architect in a large company which had a strategy to focus on SAP technologies, and the only real difference between that and a SAP Solution Architect to me is that your scope is much broader as you need to include fluffier items such as:
    . methodologies (process and development);
    . business process views;
    . higher level IT strategies beyond just solutions (outsourcing or support models);
    . etc.
    That said, because this organization has such a SAP focus, there was less difference than an EA in a non-SAP company would have. Note – When I left the company, I targeted SAP Solution Architect roles because another difference is you get to be much more hands on.
    On the subject of TechEd (if it’s not too late Thomas); similar to what Ed said, I would love to go to a 2 or even 4 hour intermediate/advanced presentation that took you through best practice Enterprise Patterns including ABAP items from building old style ALV reports to medium sized Web Dynpro ABAP applications (which leverage OO models or includes Portal Navigation as an example) to building of a flash island flex component. Unfortunately, I don’t think it would work as a workshop because we’re all too opinionated, but if we got source code and maybe an associated forum post for feedback afterwards, that would be great. Imagine if we had a library like this from several years ago; as although we should all be developing in Web Dynpro, I still come across a lot of poorly written SAP dialogue programs that have no idea about best practice patterns.
    Note – I’m not sure what exact examples would be most generic, but the idea would be that SAP put forward their own best practices here (if that’s possible).

    Looking forward to hearing Ed’s rant on Agile Development me thinks!

  5. Vijay Vijayasankar says :

    Hey Ed, thanks much for listening to the podcast that Jon and I did – and greatly appreciate your comments.

    On the Architect titles – I ranted a bit on that in SDN last month.
    Here is the link…https://www.sdn.sap.com/irj/scn/weblogs?blog=/pub/wlg/13888.

    On the BS7 timing – I beg to disagree with your view that “SAP planned BS7 before economy came down, and hence it should not have been held back”. If you are not agile enough to change plans when business environment changes, I would argue that you have a big problem on your hands. For example – business by design – SAP had issues and altered original plans. Would it make sense to argue that SAP originally planned it to be released on a certain date and hence should have stuck to it?

    My thought process when I made that comment about “unfortunate timing ” comment was – “Most of the companies who grow in bad times are good and strong companies that make consumer products like detergent (P&G types), toothpaste (like Colgate) etc, but that is only one part of SAP customer base. Plus, as I understand, there is only a 5 year promised window in which SAP has promised no upgrades. If most other companies don’t come out of recession in 3 years or so – they won’t get enough time to reap the benefits, before the next big thing comes out. So why would more people upgrade? Would you release your biggest suite in history when only a minority of your customer base will make use of it? “. Not that this is a flawless argument – far from it ( for example, the few who take it early on might gain a big edge over competition), but just wanted to give you this background to put some context around my comment. Hey cut me some slack here – it was my first ever podcast πŸ™‚

  6. Ed Herrmann says :


    “Hey cut me some slack here – it was my first ever podcast” – Now you know I wasn’t picking on you. Actually I thought it was a great podcast. So much so that I felt it worth commenting on. πŸ™‚

    “For example – business by design – SAP had issues and altered original plans. Would it make sense to argue that SAP originally planned it to be released on a certain date and hence should have stuck to it?” – This isn’t an accurate comparison. BBD wasn’t scaled back due to the economy, there were too many technical issues and the product itself just wasn’t quite ready. So no, they shouldn’t have “stuck” with the original plan. However, if BS7 is ready to go and will provide customers value, then it should be released. I don’t believe this was their “biggest suite in history”. The plans for enhancement package releases in this format was not new. The announcement of BS7 was basically a lot of hype, clarification, and redefinition of what they have planned to use for a while. ECC 6.0, which is the core which packages run on is far more critical that the enhancement packages themselves. This is why SAP compared ECC 6 as the equivalent of 4.6c in terms of importance and stability with a long lifecycle.

    I do want to thank you for your comments. I am happy to hear you are a listener and am looking forward to more great discussions in the future.

  7. Vijay Vijayasankar says :

    @EWH – very honored to get you to comment on that podcast, and thanks for clarifying your position

    And no – I didn’t think you were picking on me .
    Looking forward to meeting you some time – maybe teched ? It is home game for me – I live in Chandler, AZ.

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