ABAP Application Server Running on the iPhone

SE38 running on an ABAP App Server all local to the IPhone

SE38 running on an ABAP App Server all local to the IPhone

Thanks to a recent all night hacking session, the Enterprise Geeks have managed to get an entire ABAP Application Server running on the iPhone. That’s right, not just the SAPGUI but the whole Application Server. This means that ABAP developers now truly have the freedom to code on the go as we bring the power of the complete ABAP environment to the world’s most popular portable device.

There were some obvious technical challenges to getting a piece of software that was designed for 64-bit memory architecture and multiple CPUs to run in the considerably smaller hardware of the iPhone. When asked about these technical challenges, the Enterprise Geeks responded with the following. “There were plenty of problems squeezing the thing onto the iPhone.  The biggest was probably the fact that the database size alone is nearly 12Gb.  That was a bit of a problem for a device that potentially has only 8Gb of storage. So we had to cut out some of the features.  For instance there was no room for any eye candy.  So we cut out the Signature and Enjoy designs and went back to the classic battleship grey Windows 3.1 mode only. We also had to cut out SE80, the new ABAP editor, Web Dynpro ABAP, and lot of other stuff.  What didn’t we cut? Well, there is still command line based editing and we of course left in the ABAP powered Matrix Screen Saver.  We would love to tell you how well the system runs on the iPhone, but to be honest those damn icons are just too small for the touch screen interface of the iPhone and we keep exiting the program when we try to save.”

Lies, Damn Lies: just so everyone is on the same page; this posting was made on April 1st. You know, April Fools Day. Just in case you haven’t caught on yet, everything above is a total lie. I can’t imaging actually trying to code development – in any environment – on the form factor of the iPhone.  Not to mention running the ABAP engine on an iPhone would surly drain the battery quite fast. 🙂

20 responses to “ABAP Application Server Running on the iPhone”

  1. Fays says :

    This is just A-MA-ZING!

    Now I’d love to have PI on my iPhone, haha, but I guess it won’t fit. 😉

  2. Terry West says :

    Awesome goodness there Thomas! Great job guys! I knew the command line editor would make a comeback, my patience has paid off! ;-D

  3. CheekyMonkey says :

    Great job!

    Did you implement ‘Pinch-Zoom’ ? 😉

  4. April Fule says :

    Can you post a link to the build code? 😉

  5. John says :

    Can you please get a NetWeaver Portal running on the iPhone?

  6. Sergio says :

    Very nice April Fools Jokes !!! isn’t it?

  7. Luca Grilli says :

    ah ah ah … it is impossible to see SAP Gui under Linux ! And don’t tell us you have loaded Windows, pearhaps Vista ?!? April Fool’s Joke 😛

  8. Ermanno says :

    It’s not a great news, few days ago I was able to complete a small installation of BI 7.00 with enhancement package 1, resizing some system tables and the structure of futher infocubes.
    Of course, the response time of some queries is a little bit high, but having a personal BI in own pocket is a very cool and interesting feature.

    The next step will be the installation of a BIA (BW accelerator) in order to improve the performance, but in that case I need two iphones.

    Thanks SAP and iPhone.


  9. Grifter says :

    Using up the whole 8Gb? What happens when you receive a phone call?

    • Thomas Jung says :

      Phone calls? Does anyone actually use the iPhone to talk on the phone? We assumed that everyone just ran apps on the thing. You can swap over to other applications and features while running the ABAP App Server, but it takes a while to switch such a large process out of memory. If someone calls you, they have to be patient and let the phone ring 25-30 times before the swap is complete. Assuming you have any battery power left at that point, you are free to talk all you want.

  10. John says :

    Use the load balancing features in iPhone 3.0 😉

  11. Jeff Word says :

    I’m seriously hoping this is an April Fool’s joke and you just photoshopped that screenshot onto the phone. Otherwise, you’ve broken several of the laws of thermodynamics and ruptured the space/time continuum.

    If you guys start playing around with artificial intelligence, I’m calling the NSA.

  12. Julius says :

    This would explain all the recent questions about calculating the difference between 2 dates in SDN ABAP General. Integrating the iPhone calendar with the SAP factory calendar must have been quite a challenge.

    Thank goodness for stable API’s…

  13. Brian Dennett says :

    Who is going to take one for the team and get Flash Islands running on it? We’re going to need it to make calls via Ribbit.


  14. Denboy says :

    Awesome – does that mean we can expect to see ABAPSingle Server for iPhone any time soons (aaSiP)? If so then I am truly stoked

  15. Boris says :

    Does it work on the iPod Touch as well?

  16. martin english says :

    “Otherwise, you’ve broken several of the laws of thermodynamics and ruptured the space/time continuum.”

    Sounds like a standard project proposal around here (i.e. “miracle will occur today, the impossible will be done by next week”).

    BTW, imagine a beowulf cluster of these….

  17. Denboy says :

    Late addition to Inside Track London is rumored to be ABAP Single Server for Clustered iPhones: ASSCliP – seems wholly appropriate.

  18. JK Pedapudi says :

    “You can try EP on iPhone.” This is cool….

  19. karmaanddharma says :

    Hillarious Thomas, really you made a fool of others.

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