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EGHEADS! Get your Swag!

After Eddie posted about the new and I must say awesome eGeek logo I was thinking it would be great if we started to expand our offering of some cool little tools for others to use as well.

So while sitting in my hospital bed and bored out of my mind the other week I decided it was high time I busted out the Apple Developer Kit and gave things a whirl, more on that to come in a future post!

Updated missing text!

I created two things, unfortunately they are only available for Mac users, I still need to redo my VMWare setup and get a Windows machine back on here. This of course was a bit upsetting because we wanted to of course launch everything together.

Turns out to I had nothing to worry about since awesome Abesh busted out the Windows versions in no time at all so we are now able to bring you both Windows and Mac support right off! Linux folks no worries we didn’t forget and are working on it 😉

Check out the Swag we’ve got now for all your geekiness! More to come so keep your eye on it!

For the Mac stuff take a look…

The first is a Dashboard widget so you can catch the Enterprise Geeks Podcast as soon as they come in!

View of the Dashboard widget

View of the Dashboard widget

Each episode also has the description with it, which you can also view through the widget.

more information view

more information view

For the Windows stuff…


Happens to be the one used in the menu as well 🙂

You might also have noticed that I have one of the cool new eGeek wallpapers up as well!

The Mac Screen Saver mentioned above is difficult to grab but I have a new Screen Saver for Enterprise Geeks. It’s a simple one that pulsates through a variety of different colors. It seemed fitting (a simple one like that) since our own logo we have in like 4 different color variations depending on the various uses we have planned for it.

More stuff is certainly on the way and Eddie said it perfectly on the Swag page,

As you can see, our swag is created and contributed by your fellow eGheads. If you would like to chip in, send all your geeky goodness to us here.

ABAP Freak Show March 4th Part 2

In the second part of this episode of the ABAP Freak Show, we continue to look at Adobe Flash Islands for Web Dynpro examples. This time we explore a multiple file uploader. The uploading is done to a dedicate SICF handler class and written into a temporary database table using the EXPORT command. So in addition to just learning about Flash Islands technology, several other little known ABAP topics are explored as well.

I do realize the irony of posting a March 4th episode, part 2 on March 5th. I apologize for the delay and for the problems with the source code download on part 1. Hopefully the super big episode – both parts clock in together at 76 minutes – will make up for the technical problems/delays.

Here is the link where you can download the source code for the ABAP (SAPlink and Transports) and Flex portions of the example:

ABAP Freak Show March 4th Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of the March 4th edition of the ABAP Freak Show. This week’s episode is so big and so fun that I had to split it into two different parts.

In this first part we look at another Adobe FlashIslands for Web Dynpro example. It is an implementation of the Google Maps API. The licensing model for Google Maps might be a pain, but the technology sure is fun to play around with. See how you can build an application with an interactive map, geocoding, and route directions look.

You can download the source code of the Flex project and the ABAP code (as SAPlink or transport files) here:

In Part 2 (which will be posted on March 5th because my PC is still struggling to complete the video rendering), we will look at a second Adobe FlashIslands for Web Dynpro example – a multiple file uploader; so check back tomorrow.

Enterprise Geeks Podcast – Transparency can be a Bitch

Can SAP leverage their newfound transparency or will it just come back to haunt them?

Can SAP leverage their newfound transparency or will it just come back to haunt them?

The hits just keep on coming! This week we pulled in another great guest, Jon Reed. Jon is a fellow SAP mentor and popular blogger from Listen in to hear his great perspectives on the current and upcoming SAP job market trends, as well as some more thoughts on the future of SAP certifications.

If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here. Enjoy!

Running Time: 65 minutes

Talking Points

  1. Jon Reed intro
  2. Dennis Howlett – SAP Mentors will crush it for SAP
  3. Trends of SAP Job Skills market and the roles of Business Process Experts and Solution Architects
  4. What is the best project team structure to leverage these “new” roles?
  5. Are Solution Architects the Chief of the Surgical Development Team?
  6. SAP Mentor Webinar on SAP Certifications and the continuing controversy
    • What was it all about?
    • Transparency can be very helpful, but it can also be a bitch
    • Job postings requiring certifications are still very low
    • Can a multiple choice test accurately measure leadership, experience, and reputation?
    • The answer may be the integration of complimentary programs like ASUG EDGE
    • Could Certifications utilize an online college course format in a group environment?
  7. Is there an increase of jobs allowing telecommuting and remote work in a tough economy?
  8. Random thoughts on the Kindle 2

eGHeads got iPhone?

In our new mission to provide cool gadgets to everyone out there we decided to build a little iPhone Web App so if you like our Podcasts and you have an iPhone/iPod Touch then this is certainly one for you! The app is at the very beginning stages at the moment and currently only deals with the podcasts but we are working on more!

iPhone emulator showing new app

iPhone emulator showing new app

To access the site, on your iPhone go into the Safari browser and type the following: once it loads click the little “+” sign and add to your “Home Screen”.

After that you’ll have a cool little icon and be all set to go.