ABAP Freak Show March 18th – Call REST Services

Maybe you have seen the latest SAP InnoCentive challenge, which has $20,000 USD up for grabs for the best applications that use the new SAP BOBJ Polestar OnDemand Service. If so you might be wondering how you can put the Polestar OnDemand APIs to use with all that wonderful Business Suite transactional data running in your ABAP application server.

If so you have come to the right place. My hope is that one of you other ABAP Freaks out there can win the InnoCentive Challenge and although I can’t give you any code to help out with projects I can give you some hints and knowledge to get you started.

In this episode of the ABAP Freak Show we will look at the configuration and coding steps necessary to call REST based web services. In particular we will look at the extra steps necessary for working with REST based services over HTTPS. So even if you aren’t interest in working with Polestar OnDemand, you can still learn about HTTPS certificates, proxy settings in the ICM, HTTP destination setup and coding against the CL_HTTP_CLIENT ABAP class.

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5 responses to “ABAP Freak Show March 18th – Call REST Services”

  1. Ed Herrmann says :

    Awesome stuff, Thomas! This gives me some ideas for a couple things myself. It definitely gives all the eGheads a head start if they want to compete for the big $20k prize.

    Regarding the basis setup for configuration of HTTPS, this does not come standard with the ABAP preview edition. Have you ever had success setting up a preview edition to use HTTPS? If so, do you have any good links that give simple steps?

    Thanks again for this great episode!

  2. Thomas Jung says :

    That’s true that the trial version doesn’t come with the HTTPS. Most likely because of export restrictions on the crypto libraries. I have setup HTTPS on the trail version however. It mostly involves having the correct access to download the sapcrypto libraries from the service marketplace and copying them into the kernel directory of your ABAP system.

    Here is the complete link from the online help:

  3. wolf.gregor says :

    Check out:
    Setup HTTPS (SSL) for the Sneak Preview SAP NetWeaver 04 ABAP Edition on Windows

    Best regards

  4. Juergen Schmerder says :

    Thanks for this awesome tutorial. With your “for dummies” guide, even I was able to connect to an HTTPS service from ABAP. Kudos to google for finding this ABAP Freak Show 🙂


  5. klaki says :

    Not sure if you even check this anymore Thomas. Do you by chance still have this video? Blip has removed it. I would love to be able to see it. If not, do you know of any good resources on learning how to consume REST services via HTTPS?


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