ABAP Freak Show March 4th Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of the March 4th edition of the ABAP Freak Show. This week’s episode is so big and so fun that I had to split it into two different parts.

In this first part we look at another Adobe FlashIslands for Web Dynpro example. It is an implementation of the Google Maps API. The licensing model for Google Maps might be a pain, but the technology sure is fun to play around with. See how you can build an application with an interactive map, geocoding, and route directions look.

You can download the source code of the Flex project and the ABAP code (as SAPlink or transport files) here:

In Part 2 (which will be posted on March 5th because my PC is still struggling to complete the video rendering), we will look at a second Adobe FlashIslands for Web Dynpro example – a multiple file uploader; so check back tomorrow.

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2 responses to “ABAP Freak Show March 4th Part 1”

  1. Velu says :

    Hi Thomas,

    The ABAP freak show is nice. Can you share the ABAP Webdynpro ( SAPLink) and Adobe SWF file ?


  2. thomas_jung says :

    I did have the source code linked originally, but I had a corrupt ZIP file. You can thank my sickly hard drive on my laptop – which also appears to be the source of the delay getting the videos rendered yesterday. I will get the problem worked out this morning and get the code reposted very soon. Sorry for the delay.

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