Friday Morning Report 24 hour Marathon Charity Event has been Postponed

Unfortunately, due to unforeseen health circumstances, this week’s special 24 hour marathon show for the Doctors without Borders charity event has been postponed.  The good news is that it has been postponed, but not canceled.  We will give any updates on the show when we know more.

Our poor man Craig is currently laid up in the hospital with severe back problems.  Feel free to leave your regards here and we will pass them on to him.  Get well soon, Craig!

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4 responses to “Friday Morning Report 24 hour Marathon Charity Event has been Postponed”

  1. Jen Robinson says :

    Feel better, Craig! Been missing you on Twitter. Look forward to having you back…

  2. Jon Reed says :

    Craig, so sorry to hear of your back pain and hope you turn the corner on that soon man!

    I was planning on attending the marathon and you can count on my attendance whenever you reschedule.

    You have an important presence in this community and I’m sure many are wishing you well.

    – Jon

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