Enterprise Geeks Podcast Episode 2 – Brains N’ Roses

Charlie Rose Interview with Apotheker and McAfee

Charlie Rose Interview with Leo Apotheker and Andrew McAfee

In this episode, Thomas Jung and Ed Herrmann touch on both a couple of high level topics and, as always, some geeky SAP stuff for the eGheads. This episode ranges from topics about SAP executives all the way to details of upcoming Netweaver features for hard core ABAP geeks. If you have questions, suggestions, or topic ideas for future episodes, give us a shout here. Enjoy!

Running Time: 41 minutes

Talking Points

6 responses to “Enterprise Geeks Podcast Episode 2 – Brains N’ Roses”

  1. Graham Robbo says :

    Hi Ed and Thomas,

    great podcast again. As mentioned before I really like the conversational style.

    More please…

    Graham Robbo

  2. ewH says :

    Graham, thanks for listening!

  3. Terry West says :

    Ed and Thomas,

    Great show guys! Glad to hear the info about the support behind ABAP – finally there is hope. Also, thanks for the EP refresher, now I can finally make sense out of the alphabet soup. Looking forward to future podcasts, as well as the ABAP Freakshow. And Ed, now that Thomas has brought it up, we have to hear the jingle “gotta have more jingle”.

    I agree with Graham, “Need more input”….


  4. ewH says :

    @Terry “gotta have more cowbell!” haha; love it 🙂

  5. Ed Herrmann says :

    I just added a plugin for AJAX enabled comments. This should let you comment while listening to the podcast without a refresh causing the podcast to restart.

  6. Jon Capps says :

    Great show, guys! Looking forward to future discussions.

    One comment on the discussion on Enhancement Packages: Upon our upgrade, we had a couple of enhancements enabled by accident (delivered in the package via config), enabling immature code that didn’t work. This leads me to the question…if customers don’t enable the ERP enhancement, then it won’t be as well-tested and production ready as it would with the old technique. As you mentioned, IT shops are slow, so the majority of customers will probably leave this new functionality disabled. One beauty of SAP is that customers all over the world are fixing bugs for other customers. With this enhancement technique, that benefit is lessened.

    Just food for thought….I see the advantages of both.

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