Upcoming Webinar on ABAP Enhancement Framework

Next Thursday, January 22nd, my colleague Oliver Mayer and myself will host a free webinar on the usage of the ABAP Enhancement Framework.  We will actually cover a little bit on the history of all the enhancement technologies in ABAP as well as talk about how the Enhancement Framework is used in the Business Suite Enhancement Packages.

More importantly, we will go beyond past demos and learning materials on the Enhancement Framework. In the past we have mostly seen the source code enhancements or maybe the class pre and post method enhancements.  In this session we also want to show you how to get the full power out of the Enhancement Framework for your own applications.  We will demonstrate how to implement kernel badis (with filters) and how to attach any enhancement to a switch.  We will also look at the process for creating switches, attaching them to business functions and how to activate and deactivate switches.

Webinar Details:

Dial-in Information:
Date: Thursday, January 22, 2009
Time: 8 a.m. Pacific, 10 a.m. Central, 11 a.m. Eastern; 5 p.m. Central European Time
Tell the operator that you want to join the “SAP NetWeaver Customer Call”
From within the US, call: 1-866-269-9612
From outside the US, call: 1-651-291-0561

WebEx Information:
Meeting URL: http://sap.webex.com/ and use the following meeting number and password:
Meeting number: 741402099
Meeting password: netweaver

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5 responses to “Upcoming Webinar on ABAP Enhancement Framework”

  1. Ed Herrmann says :

    Sweet deal, Thomas. Definitely sign me and my crew up. Thanks to both you and Oliver for putting this on.


  2. Rich Heilman says :

    Awesome, already put it on my calendar.

  3. Terry West says :

    Calendar is cleared for this event.

    Thanks for setting this up.


  4. marcus P says :

    Great, i always wanted to have a look into this topic.

    will try to join!

  5. Ed Herrmann says :

    Thomas & Oliver, thanks for the great webinar. I already have a few ideas for implementing enhancement spots and custom badis.

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