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SE #10 – SAP TechEd 2008 – InnoCentive


The SAP TechEd event always yields some interesting things for the SAP Ecosystem. With it being a major event often times things are planned to “go live” during the event. What many don’t know though is that many of these things are talked about, shown and discussed the day before at the Community Day it was there I was first introduced to this new partnership and what it meant for the SAP Community Network.

So when I was asked if Starship Enterprisey wanted to do a show with their CTO I of course said yes!

SE #9 – SAP BOBJ Influencer Summit – Doug Merritt


While in Boston during the Business Objects Influencer Summit I had a chance to sit down with Doug Merritt which was really cool, I’ve been able to sit in on many blogger roundtables with Doug and he’s always be upfront and honest about what’s going on so having come on the show was highlight for me.

Being on the “inside” I was dying to ask him about the deal between the “Business User” and “Information Worker” and the confusion that seems to be surrounding them both. It was a great chat and we covered a lot of different things including the SAP Imagineering group from Denis Browne and the future of the program!

SE #8 – SAP BOBJ Influencer Summit – Timo Elliott


While in Boston I had a chance to meet Timo, Timo was the 8th employee of Business Objects way back when and is now on board with SAP and Business Objects after the acquisition. Timo and I had two extremely interesting conversations the first unfortunately sufferred a massive problem with audio (no surprise right? I’m working on audio issues) but he was nice enough to come back for another go on film for me.

Timo is also happy, willing and able to come and speak to you which I thought was extremely cool to offer so if you are interested you can catch him through his blog or email.

The video interview here was a highlight for me personally as we really started to break down what everyone means by Business Intelligence Platform and he shares an example of all of this in action, don’t miss it!

SE #7 – SAP BOBJ Influencer Summit – Paul Clark


A chat with Paul Clark from SAP and Business Objects about the “non SAP” customer base of Business Objects before and after the acquisition and what can we expect for them in the future.

A key phrase for me was “we will protect that market”…

SE #6 – SAP BOBJ Influencer Summit – Narina Sippy


Narina is the Senior Vice President & General Manager, Governance, Risk and Compliance Business Unit at SAP and during our chat I got a very good impression of why SAP can with certainty claim it’s spot as #1 for GRC.

GRC is one of those areas that effect everything about your business, even those areas you were not thinking about, Narina was also able to give an idea of what is to come and what areas SAP for example are focusing on for the near future.