ActionScript meets SAP

Abesh over in the SDN community is a fan of Adobe’s Flex and AIR technologies. He’s also a fan of Widgets so he decided to work on some combining of technologies, since he works with SAP (and at SAP) he decided to create some helper libraries for working with ActionScript.

The first he created is “Adobe Actionscript helper Libraries for SAP MII”, found here. His describes this library as follows:

I assume that you would have read my blog and seen the video which tells you how to Use xMII Services in Adobe Flex 2.0.

Since there is a lot of activity on using Adobe Flex as an alternative UI for SAP MII on SDN, I’ve created a helper class which will ease this process.

His second helping of ActionScript with SAP was in his blog “Actionscript Libraries for SAP Widget Foundation : Available now!” found here.

I had blogged about how one can use the SAP Widget Foundation with Adobe Flex/Air in this Blog : Enterprise Widget Foundation & Adobe Flex : Awesome Twosome ? (Video) .

That was just an example or a Proof of Concept. What I have here is something that makes the whole deal a lot more easier for everyone. The Actionscript Libraries for SAP Widget Foundation lets anyone using Adobe technologies consume services from the Widget foundation at ease without having to wonder about the nitty gritties of the REST services exposed by SAPWF.

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