Episode #3 – SAP SME Deep Dive, Jeff Stiles


While in Boston I attended the SAP SME Deep Dive and had a chance to sit down and chat with Jeff Stiles SVP of SME Marketing. 20,000 Customers for SAP Business One, Crystal Reports for SAP Business One, SAP Business ByDesign, SAP Business All in One and a perfect way to get started http://www.sap.com/sme – the Solution Advisor tool.


About ccmehil

A developer, writer, photographer, talker - words that describe Craig, but who is Craig? Craig is a person driven to interact and communicate, always looking to innovate over the years he's been through all spectrums of the development process for all platforms. He's built communities and helped define strategies to communicate and engage. Now though his focus has become more precise... With a major emphasis on interaction and collaboration Craig spends a lot of time both speaking and writing about effects of social in the work place and ways to improve efficiency through the use of "social media" in the day to day work you do.

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