Archive | July 2008

SAP Business User Summit ’08


Today I had the chance to attend the SAP Business User Summit, a second in a growing series focusing on the real values, ideas and concepts behind the term “Enterprise 2.0”. During the event I held a session on “Enterprise 2.0 and Innovation”, my session focused on what is “Enterprise 2.0” and I tried to convey the key underlying theme that unlike the consumer space the enterprise space needs to provide tools that allow each user to control the flow of information themselves. In the consumer space we can already do this by simply choosing one of the massive amounts of tools available that we are comfortable with but within the enterprise there won’t be so many tools and therefore those we have need to give the ability to control the volume of information that is flowing. This video is a short video with Michael Altendorf from SAP in Walldorf, Germany and describes the reasoning and ideas behind this event series.

Relaunch Introduction Video


It’s with great pleasure and excitement that I can announce the relaunch of Starship Enterprisey. Many will remember the show as “Starship Enterprisey Radio”, the show launched last year at the SAP Sapphire Vienna event and it was me together with Thomas Otter. The show has a new home, a new look, new format and a new RSS feed, the focus hasn’t changed but many other aspects have – I’m equipped with some new equipment and ready to go.