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My latest rant on developing with SAP

It seems that James finally got around to blogging about something he saw. He talked a bit about it during one of the RedMonk Radio episodes but did not even scratch the service leaving me sitting ask “What the…” but finally he blogged it and will hopefully be sending over the “deets” from Andrew soon.

James saw a presentation from T-Mobile and how they developed (rather quickly) an app using Adobe Flex. Now I like Flex (I too can get down with Flex) and I’m hoping to add a “Flex” forum to SDN here in the near future (any Adobe guys want to help moderate?) and since I’ve been pushing the use of Scripting Languages his post is right up my alley in fact in more ways than one.

I’m not going to comment on SAP’s UI strategy, Filip did that and Thomas just reminded everyone of that and raised a few more comments, nor will I comment on what Dan said about SAP’s UI, not that I don’t have an opinion it’s just…

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