Archive | October 2006

Connect PHP to SAP

In the current issue of the International PHP Magazine their is a very nice tutorial done how connecting PHP with SAP, those who attending the Las Vegas SAP TechEd might have seen this tutorial for those who missed it there I highly recommend checking out the current issue and take a look.

It combines the basics of PHP and AJAX with the power of an SAP backend, the beauty of the tutorial is the ease of use and the hint of what is possible with the versitility of PHP and the flexibility of SAP.

Featured: Scripting in a Box

I put together a little package not to long back called “Scripting in a Box“, it was built with the idea of taking the guess work out of connecting various scripting languages, e.g. PHP, with SAP and seeing some of the thing possible.

Well last month in the International PHP magazine it was a featured review! Check it out!