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Why should I use PHP with my SAP landscape?

I get this question a lot, and in fact since SDN is becoming more noticeable in the outside world and the fact that we have a growing and strong community and a decent size library of information, the question seems to be popping up more and more of late.

Why should I use PHP in my SAP landscape?

Well the bottom line is this, and I know that if someone really wants to make me look bad they’ll post this way out of context, “You should not use PHP in your SAP Landscape”, now the rest of it for those of you interested in the whole story. You should not use PHP in your SAP Landscape if you don’t already have it. No one, myself nor SAP is actually telling you to run out and learn everything you can about PHP. What is being said is simply this, “if you have PHP already in your landscape you don’t need to run out and learn something else”.

A lot of times someone will hear that they are installing SAP so they do a search and find all this information related to ABAP, Java, .NET so on and so forth so they think that all that work they’ve already done in PHP for their internal applications will have to be redone, removed or replaced. This is simply not the case, and that is the message I’ve been trying hard to get across. If you have PHP knowledge in house already and add SAP to the mix then you can still leverage that PHP knowledge and do not need to retrain all your developers in something other than the basics of how a SAP system works.

In fact with the release of NW04s the support for Web services is tremendous and therefore might make life even a little easier for your developers.

OK this was a lot shorter than I was thinking but I don’t want to confuse the bottom line message with clutter.