eGeeks Down Under



We were recently at the Mastering SAP Technology Event in Melbourne and decided it was high time we did another podcast!

Season 5
Episode 3

Tom and Rich at Mastering SAP Technology

Tom and Rich at Mastering SAP Technology

Join us as we cover a broad range of topics from Pachinko to Tech, personality tests and of course HANA and our world travels.

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4 Responses to eGeeks Down Under

  1. Kenneth says:

    You guys crack me up! You sound a bit tired. Get some rest.

  2. ccmehil says:

    We were all jet lagged :-)

  3. Good to have had you guys down here in Australia, realise it is a massive trip to make and it sounds like you are already accumulating more air miles than you will ever be able to spend! Hope to see you back again soon :-)

  4. ewH says:

    Thanks for the birthday shout out! Now give us more podcasts, slackers!

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